The Arlington County Board’s vision is for Arlington to be a diverse and inclusive world-class urban community with secure, attractive residential and commercial neighborhoods, abundant green and recreational spaces, and a vibrant, mixed economy. The County is committed to an equitable, cohesive, and participatory community that values social and individual opportunity. In terms of near- and long-term planning and development, the County focuses on an all-of-government approach, committed to sustainability, climate action, and resiliency principles, practices, and execution.

Arlington’s Community Energy Plan (CEP) is a long-term vision for transforming how the County generates, uses, stores, and distributes energy. The goals outlined in the 2019 update to the CEP sets Arlington on a path to becoming a carbon-neutral community by 2050. Interim milestones include Arlington County Government operations achieving 100 percent renewable electricity by 2025, 100 percent of Arlington’s countywide electricity coming from renewable sources by 2035 and integrating energy equity during the plan’s implementation. The CEP Roadmap outlines how Arlington will implement the CEP to achieve the community’s climate and energy goals.

To learn more, go to Arlington County Community Energy Plan.

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