Eco-City Alexandria seeks to create an environmentally, economically, and socially healthy city where people can live, work, and play for decades to come. The City recognizes the urgent need for City-wide environmental planning because of the changing climate as indicated by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, extreme weather events, rising coastal waters, and record-breaking rainfall and high temperatures.

In 2019, the city adopted and updated Eco-City Alexandria Environmental Action Plan 2040 (EAP), updated the Green Building Policy, and a Climate Emergency Resolution, recommitting to a strategic roadmap for sustainability. The EAP 2040 greenhouse gas emission reduction goals are 50 percent emissions reduction by 2030 and 80-100 percent reduction by 2050 with focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The City of Alexandria engages with the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission and the community on many actions, programs, policies, and projects that make the city more sustainable.

To learn more, go to Eco City Alexandria and the Environmental Action Plan 2040.

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