The City of Frederick has embarked on a commitment to consider all significant municipal actions through the lens of climate change. The City of Frederick developed a Climate Action Plan for Government Operations, an effort to evaluate and set specific goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from City operations. In addition, the City passed the Climate Emergency Resolution in April 2020, which outlined specific actions that the City would take to mobilize efforts to address global warming, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 levels by 50 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050, and employ all efforts to safely drawdown carbon from the atmosphere.

In order to fulfill the commitments set forth by the resolution, the City of Frederick is taking strong action to address its goals—establishing a Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup that will work in tandem with the Board of Aldermen, recommending actions and accountability measures to meet the goals of the Climate Action Plan. This will also include efforts from residents and businesses to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors.

To learn more, go to Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup.

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