Gaithersburg City government provides quality, cost effective, priority community services for its residents. The City serves as a catalyst for the involvement of individuals, businesses and organizations to ensure that Gaithersburg is a great place to live, work, learn, and play. Part of that commitment is ensuring that Gaithersburg has a natural environment that is protected, respected and enhanced.

The Environment and Sustainability Element of the City’s Master Plan presents recommendations for the City’s continued stewardship of its environmental resources and sustainable practices. The plan identifies future climate risks and impacts and includes recommendations that address the local affects of climate change, mitigate impacts of the urban heat island effect, improve local and regional air quality, encourage energy conservation, promote the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, promote and implement multi-modal transportation improvements, encourage resource efficiency, and incorporate equity.

To learn more, visit City of Gaithersburg – Environmental Master Plan.

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