The City of Hyattsville’s vision is to be a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates its small town character, urban energy and environmental stewardship. In 2017, the City established a five year Community Sustainability Plan with concrete goals to create a thriving city, grounded in sustainability and inclusiveness. The plan aims to advance the lives of residents through building community, increasing connectivity of people and places, and encouraging responsible development.

Using the framework of this plan, the City hopes to continue to grow in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner. This includes managing the City’s environmental footprint by:

  • Pursuing clean energy upgrades for City infrastructure, like park and parking lot lighting
  • Growing the City’s electric vehicle (EV) fleet and adding EV charging stations in City parking lots and in commercial corridors
  • Promoting free and low-cost sustainability programs and education to all residents
  • Implementing a comprehensive residential compost program
  • Improving stormwater management systems and protecting the City’s extensive tree canopy
  • Designing all new public facilities to meet LEED and/or similar sustainable building standards
  • And more!

To learn more, visit City of Hyattsville Sustainability and Protecting the Environment.

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