In 2008, the County Council established emissions reduction targets to reduce County emissions to 80% below 2008 levels by 2050. The County has implemented and participated in a number of initiatives to provide reliable and environmentally sound energy solutions that enhance the quality of life of Prince George’s County residents’ while also maximizing energy savings.

In 2020, with increased urgency and a commitment to taking action on climate change, the Prince George’s County Council established the Prince George’s Climate Action Commission to develop a Climate Action Plan for Prince George’s County to prepare for and build resilience to regional climate change impacts, and to set and achieve climate stabilization goals.

The Climate Action Plan will detail the effects of a changing climate on Prince George’s County and include a suite of evidence based, actionable, high-impact strategies that can be implemented by the County to reduce GHG emissions and climate-related risks to the County’s residents, businesses, and the built and natural environment.

To learn more, go to Prince Georges County Climate Change.

Climate Action Commission

Climate Action Commission

Prince George’s County Climate Action Commission, established by County Council Resolution CR-07-2020, is an appointed Commission of 16 County agency and local government representatives, as well as community and organizational representatives.

The overarching goal of the Commission is to provide actionable County strategies to both mitigate climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emissions and help protect the County’s communities from the increasing likelihood of significant climate change impacts.

To learn more, go to Prince Georges Climate Action Commission.



The Climate Commission has established three working groups to develop recommended strategies and actions for the County’s Climate Action Plan. These working groups align with the Maryland Commission on Climate Change Working Groups.

Technical Team

Prince George’s County Climate Action Commission is supported by the Prince George’s County Department of Environment, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, CADMUS, Justice & Sustainability Associates, and the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center.

Agency Resources
Public Input

Prince George’s County Climate Action Plan Virtual Open House.

The Virtual Open House is a tool for community members to engage with and learn more about climate change and the County’s Climate Action Plan.

Submit comments via the Prince George’s County Climate Action Plan Comments Form.

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