In 2020, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors adopted the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s Climate Mitigation and Resiliency goals of reducing the county’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030 from a 2005 baseline and becoming a Climate Ready Region and making significant progress to be a Climate Resilient Region by 2030. Additionally, the Board adopted the goals of 100 percent of Prince William County’s electricity to be from renewable sources by 2035, for Prince William County Government operations to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, and for Prince William County Government to be 100 percent carbon neutral by 2050.

The Board authorized the creation of a Community Energy and Sustainability Master Plan (CESMP) to serve as a roadmap for the county to reach the goals. In 2022, the Prince William County Office of Sustainability was stood up and is charged with developing the CESMP and advising on energy and environmental sustainability advancements for the county.”

To learn more, go to Prince William County Sustainability Office.

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