Job Alerts

Job Alert: Johns Hopkins University Energy Analyst

Johns Hopkins University is seeking an Energy Analyst (EA) who will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing all energy-related functions in the buildings and utility plants at the Homewood Campus, Wyman Park Facility, and several off-campus sites. Analyses include developing and implementing energy conservation measures... Read More

Job Alert: Montgomery County DEP Senior Engineer

DEP seeks to fill a full-time Senior Engineer position in the Recycling and Resource Management Division, Planning, Design, Construction, and Monitoring Section. This is a non-supervisory professional engineering position responsible for managing and leading complex engineering projects that vary from large-scale, multi-facility, high dollar, and... Read More

Job Alert: City of Takoma Park Sustainability Intern

The City of Takoma Park is currently hiring a Sustainability Intern. The candidate will gain experience in sustainability planning, greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies, outreach, social marketing, community engagement, energy efficiency projects, climate risk assessment, program design, local government, and other sustainability initiatives.  The incumbent... Read More

Job Alert: National Park Service Environmental Protection Specialist

The major duties of the Environmental Protection Specialist position include, but are not limited to, the following: Performing, directing and/or coordinating environmental assessments; Preparing and maintaining current and long-range environmental management program and funding to provide responsive and cohesive Environmental Management Systems (EMS) development to... Read More

DC Department of Energy and Environment: Program Analyst

This position is located in the Urban Sustainability Administration’s Green Building and Climate Branch, this position will support early implementation of all-electric and deep efficiency requirements in District Government projects. This position will support District agencies integrating net-zero energy principles from early design to delivery... Read More

Job Alert: Maryland Department of Energy Data Analyst

The Climate Change Program is responsible for developing and implementing nation-leading policies to reduce and sequester greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The work performed in the Program improves the health and welfare of people and the environment while developing a... Read More