Climate Clips: Advocates say Maryland’s climate plan could help the Chesapeake Bay, too

Advocates of Maryland’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions have mostly touted the potential benefits of fighting climate change, improving air quality, and boosting public health. But a newly released working draft of a plan to reduce those emissions acknowledges that some of the gains could spill over into another one of the state’s top environmental missions: cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay.

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The continued failure of Democrats and Republicans to agree to amendments to Virginia’s two-year budget is tying up funding for six staff members for the Commission on Electric Utility Regulation, a body the General Assembly voted to reinvigorate this past session.

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Quantum Loophole Environmental Management Plan Revoked Due to Past Violations
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The Maryland Department of the Environment withdrew approval on May 25 for Quantum Loophole’s environmental management plan for its planned campus of data centers on the former Alcoa Eastalco smelting plant site due to numerous work and environmental violations.

Pepco Violation Could Cost Community Solar Owners Thousands
After regulators ruled that Pepco violated D.C. law in its implementation of community solar in the city, the utility company is telling solar owners they will need to manually track solar generation, entering thousands of lines of data each month and potentially costing thousands of dollars.

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If humans escape climate scientists’ gloomiest projections, if we buy ourselves time to adapt to higher seas and fiercer heat waves, we will likely use more electricity than we do now, and we will make it without emitting greenhouse gases.

Solar, Wind Provided Majority of New US Generating Capacity in First Half of 2023
Utility-scale solar and wind provided over half of new US generating capacity added in the first half of 2023, according to new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) data.