Climate Clips: Biggest Electric Bus Deal in U.S. approved in Maryland

Montgomery County’s Board of Education voted to approve a 16-year, $169 million contract to lease 326 buses—poising itself to become the nation’s biggest operator of electric school buses. Today’s announcement outlines the Board’s plan, which could result in the county replacing its entire 1,422-bus fleet over the next two decades.

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Dominion Plans to Build Nearly 200 Giant Wind Turbines Off Virginia. But Getting That Energy into the Grid Won’t Be Easy
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Dominion Energy’s VP for Electrical Transmission says that the 188 giant wind turbines planned for 27 miles off the Virginia Beach shore will not do much good if the energy does not reach customers.

Bill Would Prevent More Power Plants from Being Built in Prince George’s
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With four power plants within a 13-mile radius of PGC, lawmakers are hoping the ‘Stop Environmentally Unjust Coal and Gas Plants Act’ bill will thwart the furtherance of environmental sacrifice in the region.

County Approves Limits for Expansion of Solar Farms in Agricultural Reserve
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Montgomery County council members passed a zoning amendment on opening 1,800 acres of the reserve for solar farms, but also approved amendments limiting expansion.

More States Follow California’s Lead on Vehicle Emission Standards
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Virginia and Minnesota are looking to adopt stricter vehicle emission standards as the Biden administration appears poised to green light those efforts.

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After Historic Fall, Carbon Emissions Are Now Coming Back Fast
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2020 pandemic restrictions caused largest drop in CO2 pollution from energy use since WWII, but with increased economic activity, worldwide emissions reached 2 percent higher than the same month in 2019.

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The Biden administration began building back U.S. climate policy by temporarily increasing the “social cost” of carbon, but climate-concerned economists say it is not high enough to meet Paris goals.

How 35 Utilities Plan to Hit Net Zero

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New calculations by the electric power industry show it can mount the most ambitious carbon dioxide emissions-cutting plan in U.S. history—with the new target set for 2050.

How the Race for Renewable Energy is Reshaping Global Politics
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The world’s transition to clean energy is gathering speed, but will it produce a kind of clean energy realpolitik, with countries vying for advantage, or a more utopian future that reduces conflict?