Climate Clips: Charge Up Fairfax engages with electric vehicle drivers

Two years after Virginia passed Right-to-Charge legislation for owners of electric vehicles, challenges remain for various residents, including those utilizing common access parking, living in multi-family buildings, or living under strict homeowner’s association (HOA) regulation.

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Shared Solar is Coming to Virginia. Just Not All of Virginia.
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Here’s why some parts of the state are being left out of a new program to enable residents to take advantage of less expensive energy – and what the General Assembly might do about it.

Rooftop Solar Power Contract Approved for Annandale High School
The Fairfax County School Board voted last Thursday to approve a pilot rooftop solar power purchase contract at Annandale High School, the first rooftop solar program in the county school system.

Fed Up Young Climate Activists: ‘Adults Aren’t Listening’
According to more than 130 activists questioned by The Associated Press, young climate campaigners see a future that makes them dissatisfied and scared with decades of warmer and harsher weather ahead of them.

Maryland Nonprofit Helps Latino Residents Implement Climate Solutions in Their Communities
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Through a series of workshops, Maryland-based nonprofit Defensores de la Cuenca engages Latino residents on issues such as pollution and climate change, and it prepares them to implement solutions in their communities.

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This year’s COP27 climate summit in Egypt headed into its final week on Monday with nearly 200 countries racing to strike a deal to steer the world towards cutting planet-warming emissions and scale up finance for countries being ravaged by climate impacts.

Biden Says U.S. Will Rise to the Global Challenge of Climate Change
In a speech at global climate negotiations in Egypt, President Joe Biden said the United States is following through on promises to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, and worked to buoy the image of the U.S. as a global leader against climate change.

More Lower-Income US Households Are Adopting Solar
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Home solar isn’t just for high rollers. A November report by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that even though it’s mostly wealthy customers who put solar on their roofs, households with low and moderate incomes are taking an increasing share of the market.

US Renewables, Storage Sectors Set to Avoid Tougher Building Standards That Industry Said Could Kill Projects
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Solar Energy Industries Association solar and storage building code proposals won initial International Code Council approval. The International Code Council’s members have tentatively approved two Solar Energy Industries Association proposals that designate solar, storage and wind projects as Risk Category II infrastructure.

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It takes more than money to retool dirty energy infrastructure to be clean. Can utilities, regulators and communities agree on how to spend it?