Climate Clips: Clean power advocates eye grid operator’s planning reforms warily

Clean energy advocates and some state regulators are pushing for a more holistic, forward-looking approach that evaluates options besides traditional transmission lines and better incorporates the policy goals of PJM states, particularly those, like Maryland and a handful of others, that have set aggressive decarbonization targets.

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City of Frederick Embraces Electric Future with Blink Charging Partnership
EMobility Plus
This initiative aims to cater to the charging needs of residents without home charging options and visitors to the city, enhancing accessibility and convenience for electric vehicle drivers.

In Virginia, New Debates Over Who Gets the Final Say on Solar Projects
Virginia Mercury
As Virginia continues its efforts to decarbonize its electric grid by midcentury, lawmakers are grappling with whether the state or local governments should have the ultimate say over where — or whether — solar farms should be built.

Virginia Legislation Would Activate State Program to Fund Electric School Buses
Energy News Network
Virginia is on a roll transitioning to electric school buses. And that momentum could remain uninterrupted if legislators activate a precedent-setting but dormant initiative to tap into state dollars.

Curbside Composting is Working in DC. But Don’t Knot Those Bags!
Greater Greater Washington
They started showing up last September: Sky-blue pickups prowling the alleys of the District, hunting for five-gallon buckets with screw-on lids and bright orange FOOD WASTE labels. The District’s long-anticipated curbside composting program is underway, turning kitchen scraps from 9,000 DC homes into gardener’s gold.

National and International News

Access to Slow EV Chargers Could Speed Up EV Adoption Among Renters
Canary Media
Cheaper, lower-power chargers that work with standard outlets could be key to helping apartment dwellers electrify their vehicles.

Across America, Clean Energy Plants are Being Banned Faster Than They’re Being Built
USA Today
At least 15% of counties in the U.S. have effectively halted new utility-scale wind, solar, or both, USA TODAY found. These limits come through outright bans, moratoriums, construction impediments and other conditions that make green energy difficult to build.

Cork’s Rise As a Sustainable Alternative in Various Industries
Environmental Health News
Cork, known for sealing wine bottles, is now revolutionizing industries as a sustainable material, offering environmental benefits and diverse applications.

This New Tool Will Help You Plan Your Home Electrification Journey
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Are you itching to fight the climate crisis by breaking up with your fossil-gas appliances and internal-combustion-engine car but feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task? Pro-electrification nonprofit Rewiring America has just launched a free tool to help you electrify your home and commute.

Fat, Sugar, Trash: All the Weird Things That May Fuel Planes by 2050
Washington Post
Last year, a plane flew across the Atlantic fueled by fat and sugar for the first time, offering a glimpse of the airline industry’s future. One day, planes won’t burn petroleum — they’ll fly on a steady diet of fat, starch, sugar, trash, grass, and the poop of a particular strain of bacteria found in rabbits’ guts, among other unfamiliar fuel sources.