Climate Clips: [Montgomery] County officials unveil legislation to require electricity as the sole energy source for new buildings

New construction and major renovations would be subject to law requiring the use of all-electric sources of energy, with some exceptions.

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Pro-environment Groups Urge Air Pollution Control Board to Keep Virginia in RGGI
Augusta Free Press
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative brings millions of dollars a year to Virginia businesses and has the Commonwealth inching in the right direction toward environmental sustainability. An emergency resolution to remove Virginia from the initiative is being considered by the Air Pollution Board. A group of pro-environment organizations are leading an effort to oppose this.

Is Virginia Ready for More Electric Buses?
Greater Greater Washington
Thanks to a strategic study by the state and a tremendous tranche of federal funding, the number of Virginia’s battery-electric buses is set to more than double this year, but real questions remain as to how fast the commonwealth can go all-electric.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em? Dominion Energy Begins Selling Residential Solar
Virginia Mercury
Virginia homeowners and businesses in the market for a solar array can now buy it from a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dominion Energy called BrightSuite.

Sunnova and Montgomery County Green Bank Team Up to Make Solar More Accessible for Homeowners
Business Wire
Sunnova, a leading U.S. residential energy service provider, and Montgomery County Green Bank, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy investment, have partnered to help low-to-moderate income (LMI) households in Montgomery County, Maryland, transition to affordable, clean energy solutions by going solar.

National and International News

Why An Energy Crisis and $5 Gas Aren’t Spurring a Green Revolution
The Washington Post
Big solar projects are facing major delays. Plans to adapt the grid to clean energy are confronting mountains of red tape. Affordable electric vehicles are in short supply.

Biden Team Sees Climate ‘Emergency’, But Powers are Limited
The Washington Post
With his climate legislation stalled and a Supreme Court case threatening his ability to regulate carbon, President Biden has been leaning more heavily than ever on his own authority to tackle climate change and address what he has called an “existential threat.”

Mayors are Wielding Free Transit to Draw People Back Downtown. It’s Not That Easy.
Offering free rides on public transit gives state and local officials one way to show they’re doing something to address the longstanding socioeconomic inequities laid bare by the pandemic.

FERC Meeting: A Rule for Renewables, Grid, and ‘Complete Bull’
E&E News
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposed sweeping new rules last week that could unlock large amounts of renewable energy and battery storage across the country and help address mounting concerns about grid reliability.

House Democrats Nudge Senate on Reconciliation Package
E&E News
House Democrats called on their Senate counterparts to take action on stalled party-line climate and social spending legislation yesterday and encouraged the White House to finalize a deal that would invest hundreds of billions in clean energy technology.