Climate Clips: Data centers, EVs drive PJM’s long-term load growth forecast, but it expects some utilities to see declines

The PJM Interconnection expects its summer and winter peak load will grow by 0.4% and 0.7% a year, respectively, over the next decade. Nearly all the anticipated growth is driven by expectations for new data centers in Dominion Energy’s service territory and plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) across PJM’s footprint.

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US East Coast Begins 2022 With Winter Storm, Almost 1M Outages
Utility Dive
Winter storms left almost 1 million customers without power along the U.S. East Coast on Monday. Dominion Energy had 390,000 customers without power at the height of the snowstorm

DC and Takoma Park Made the CDP Cities A List
As COP26 ended, a new generation of cities leading from the front on climate change emerged. 95 cities (up from 88 cities in 2020) are named on this year’s A List as bold leaders in environmental transparency and action, with almost half (46 cities) being new for 2021.

Dominion Finally Gets Approval for Large-Scale Smart Meter Rollout
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In Dominion Energy’s quest to get regulators to approve the large-scale rollout of smart meters to Virginia customers, the fourth time was the charm.

Youngkin Taps Trump’s Ex-EPA Head for Virginia Cabinet Role
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Andrew Wheeler is Youngkin’s pick for secretary of natural resources, the transition announced Wednesday, sparking immediate criticism from Democrats and environmental groups, who accused Wheeler of downplaying the urgent threats of climate change.

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More Than 40 Percent of Americans Live in Counties Hit by Climate Disasters in 2021
The Washington Post
2021 ended as it began: with disaster. Twelve months after an atmospheric river deluged California, triggering mudslides in burned landscapes and leaving a half-million people without power, a late-season wildfire destroyed hundreds of homes in the suburbs of Denver. In between, Americans suffered blistering heat waves, merciless droughts, and monstrous hurricanes.

What to Watch At DOE, FERC, Interior in 2022
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One year after President Biden took office, federal agencies are facing pressure to carry out his administration’s energy and climate policies while navigating political calculations ahead of critical midterm elections.

After Bold Climate Promises, U.S. Carbon is Rising
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U.S. emissions rose 7 percent through the end of October, according to Carbon Monitor, an academic group that tracks emissions. The finding was echoed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which is also projecting a 7 percent increase in energy-related emissions.

NYC’s New Gas Ban Highlights Market Growth Needs for Building Electrification
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While critics of building electrification policies worry about the transition’s potential harm to housing affordability, advocates see the built environment as a critical battleground for achieving climate goals.