Climate Clips: DC pilot program takes round-the clock look at air pollution

The District has a new plan to take a round-the-clock, block-by-block check of air quality, starting in the Ivy City/Brentwood, Buzzard Point and Mayfair neighborhoods.

See the full story at WTOP News.

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New Federal Tailpipe Rules Would Put Stricter Limits on Virginia’s Heavy Truck Emissions
Virginia Mercury
As Virginia continues down the road of speeding up the transition from gas-powered passenger vehicles to electric ones, new rules proposed by the federal government could also accelerate the electrification of the state’s heavy trucks.

National Financial Agency Downgrades Assessment of Md.’s Utility Regulation. What Does it Mean?
News From the States
When Gov. Wes Moore (D) took office in mid-January, he vowed to shake up the Maryland Public Service Commission, a powerful but obscure agency that regulates gas and electric utilities. The transition at the Public Service Commission has prompted a national ratings agency for energy and utility investors to downgrade its assessment of Maryland’s regulatory framework.

Richmond Scraps Parking Space Rules in An Effort to Curb Transportation Emissions
Energy News Network
The new ordinance aims to reinvent paved space in Virginia’s capital city, where an excess of single-use stalls has left many parking lots empty.

Design Competition Gets Gears Turning for Virginia Student’s Offshore Wind Career
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A high school student talks about how a wind turbine design contest helped inspire her to pursue an engineering degree on her way to designing the next generation of offshore wind turbines.

National and International News

As U.S. Races Ahead, Europe Frets About Battery Factory Subsidies
New York Times
European leaders complained for years that the United States was not doing enough to fight climate change. Now that the Biden administration has devoted hundreds of billions of dollars to that cause, many Europeans are complaining that the United States is going about it the wrong way.

Cities Stand to Win Big With the Inflation Reduction Act. How Do They Turn This Opportunity Into Results?
Inside Climate News
The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last fall was like turning on full-blast spigots of money for city governments. But many cities and other local governments lack the expertise to identify the programs available, or to navigate the sometimes arduous process of applying for a share of an estimated $391 billion.

Major U.S. Cities Leading in Transit Electrification
Mass Transit
The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the U.S., accounting for 27 percent of emissions in 2020. (The electric power sector was second with 25 percent.) As a result, transit electrification is critical to meeting state and federal net-zero carbon goals, as well as mitigating air pollution and combating climate change. The transition from fossil-fuel to electric-powered vehicles will impact many aspects of transportation and infrastructure planning, as well as the architecture, engineering and construction firms supporting the transportation industry.

Solar Beats Coal in Europe for First Time – But There’s a Glitch
The European Union’s transition to clean energy marked a milestone in May, when solar panels generated more electricity than all of the bloc’s coal plants for the first time — and that’s before the summer sun boosts production even further.

Renewable Energy Surges, Driven By Solar Boom And High Fuel Prices, Report Finds
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The world is set to add a record amount of renewable electricity capacity this year as governments and consumers seek to offset high energy prices and take advantage of a boom in solar power, according to a new report Thursday.