Climate Clips: DOEE Awards $350,000 to Electrify DC for Study on Electrical Grid Capacity in the District

The Department of Energy and Environment announced it had awarded $350,000 to Electrify DC for a study and educational project that will help residents and multifamily building owners learn about the current capacity of the electrical grid and how it can support their use of more clean energy resources such as solar arrays and batteries.

See the full press release at DOEE.

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Enviros Sound Alarm Over New Budget Amendment on Clean Building Standards
Maryland Matters
As the General Assembly moves towards a final vote on the state budget Friday, environmentalists have become alarmed over a recently-inserted amendment that they believe guts and delays an innovative program to curb pollution in buildings and help ratepayers reduce their utility bills.

Dominion Gets Approval for Solar Projects; Regulators Discuss Data Center Demand
Virginia Mercury
Dominion Energy’s regulators approved another suite of solar projects, including four projects the utility will own and 13 facilities owned by third-party developers, after reviewers acknowledged the significant projected electricity demand from data centers.

VDOT Announces Sites for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Virginia Mercury
Gas stations, hotels and a South Hill Kentucky Fried Chicken are on track to receive federal funding to build out electric vehicle charging stations throughout Virginia’s interstate highway system.

Green Group Drops Opposition to Amended Data Center Bill
Maryland Matters
Lawmakers, Moore administration officials and environmentalists have reached a compromise on a data center bill that is enabling a leading green group in the state to drop its opposition to the measure.

National and International News

America’s New High-Risk, High-Reward $20 Billion Climate Push
Washington Post
The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday awarded $20 billion to help finance clean-energy projects across the country, marking one of the Biden administration’s biggest investments in combating climate change and curbing pollution in disadvantaged communities.

EPA’s New $20B ​‘Green Bank’ Will Benefit Disadvantaged Communities Most
Canary Media
How can $20 billion in federal funding unleash hundreds of billions of dollars in private-sector financing for clean energy, transportation and housing — and expand access to all of those things for disadvantaged communities across the country?

US Landfills Emit Way More Methane Than Previously Thought
Canary Media
Landfills are the third-biggest source of U.S. methane emissions. But leaks of the potent greenhouse gas are often undetected due to monitoring blindspots.

The US Aims to ‘Crack the Code’ on Scaling Up Geothermal Energy Production
A limitless supply of heat exists beneath our feet within the Earth’s crust, but harnessing it at scale has proved challenging. Now, a combination of new techniques, government support, and the pressing need to secure continuous clean power in an era of climate crisis means that geothermal energy is finally having its moment in the U.S.

UC Berkeley Study Confirms That Yes, EVs Do What They Promise to Do
UA new study from UC Berkeley confirms what EV fans already know: EV adoption does, in fact, make the air cleaner. Perhaps even more importantly, the study offers some quantifiable, granular data about how much electric vehicles are impacting emission rates in the here and now, not just in the foreseeable future.