Climate Clips: Dominion to test another long duration battery, microgrid capability at Va. State University

Dominion Energy Virginia plans to test another long-duration energy battery storage project, this time for the Multi-Purpose Center at Virginia State University.

See the full story in the Virginia Mercury.

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Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Helping Metro Avert ‘Death Spiral’ From $750 Million Shortfall
Bailing Metro out of its $750 million budget shortfall is going to sting the budgets of localities next year, and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) expects to release a plan addressing it next month.

How Maryland is Working to Make Green Future Plan Accessible to Underserved Communities
Delmarva Now
In the 50 years the Maryland Energy Administration has existed, being tasked with ensuring a future of green energy has required the state to examine how even underserved communities can benefit. Those efforts have been bolstered by the Justice40 program introduced by the Biden administration and embraced by Gov. Wes Moore.

Extreme Weather And Sea Level Rise Among Top Climate Risks To D.C. Area, New Assessment Says
The latest National Climate Assessment shows the D.C. region is especially at risk of extreme weather, flooding, and sea level rise as the earth warms. The congressionally mandated assessment, released today, also shows uneven progress in the region responding to a hotter planet.

Montgomery Co. Expands Recycling Program
Not only can you drop off your recyclables, but you can also pick something up! Donated construction materials and bikes are available for pick-up for Montgomery County residents.

National and International News

Wind and Solar Energy Are Booming in Surprising Places
Washington Post
A little over a year after the passage of President Biden’s landmark climate bill, a new analysis shows the White House has delivered on a key front: A disproportionate amount of wind, solar, battery and manufacturing investment is going to areas that used to host fossil fuel plants. And while that investment might not reshape the 2024 election, it could start to shift how rural communities view clean energy in the years to come.

The Coming Senate Energy, Environment Committee Shuffle
E&E News
There will be fresh Democratic faces at the top of two Senate committees that deal predominantly with energy and environmental issues next Congress, and observers hope those leaders can build on recent legislative wins.

Biden Announces $3.9B For Grid Modernization As Climate Report Warns of ‘Insufficient’ Adaptation
Utility Dive
The White House on Tuesday released its preeminent climate change report. The Fifth National Climate Assessment finds that even though annual U.S. greenhouse gas emissions dropped 12% between 2005 and 2019, climate change-fueled extreme weather events are rapidly intensifying, becoming costlier and disproportionately harming underserved, overburdened communities.

How Much Can Trees Fight Climate Change? Massively, but Not Alone, Study Finds
New York Times
Restoring global forests where they occur naturally could potentially capture an additional 226 gigatons of planet-warming carbon, equivalent to about a third of the amount that humans have released since the beginning of the Industrial Era, according to a new study published on Monday in the journal Nature.

Chart: Clean Energy Attracting Nearly Twice as Much Investment As Fossils
Canary Media
To deal with the climate crisis, the world needs to build a lot of carbon-free energy. And to build a lot of carbon-free energy, the world needs to spend money — a ton of it.