Climate Clips: State lawmakers want to peel back the curtain at the nation’s biggest electrical grid operator

Many states in PJM, along with the utilities that operate in the organization, are pursuing aggressive clean energy goals. And what happens at those committee meetings can help or hinder those efforts.

See the full story in the Virginia Mercury.

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Md. Lawmakers Load up on Clean Energy Bills
RTO Insider
More than 70 energy-related laws have been introduced in the first month of the Maryland General Assembly’s 2024 session.

Virginia Lawmakers Delay Decision on Dominion Energy’s Offshore Wind Monopoly
Energy News Network
A proposal to inject competition into the state’s offshore wind procurement has been delayed until 2025 and is set to be studied by a revamped energy commission.

Virginia Utilities Seek Unbridled Rate Adjustments for Unproven Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Two New Bills
Inside Climate News
Under the proposed legislation, Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power would be able to pass the exorbitant cost of building SMRs onto consumers. Environmentalists warn the legislation contains no protections for ratepayers.

Support Increasing for Bill Protecting Virginians from Cancer-Linked Chemical
WUSA-9 News
A bill seeking to ban a commonly used sealant that has been linked to cancer is advancing to the Virginia Senate.

National and International News

Climate Change is Making it More Dangerous for Kids to Play Outside, Report Finds
The Hill
The peer-reviewed research by the climate analytics firm First Street Foundation projected that by midcentury, the increased levels of microscopic soot particles and ozone molecules entering Americans’ lungs will be back to the levels they were at in 2004 — before a decades-long federal campaign to clean up the air.

Making Solar Work for Everybody — How NREL Helps Envision A More Just Energy System
At the local, state, and federal level there are ambitious goals for the energy transition. Many federal incentives and funds are explicitly intended to serve disadvantaged communities, and NREL is working to facilitate these efforts by developing analysis and models to support them.

Solar + Battery Storage Will Make up 81% of New US Electric Generating Capacity in 2024
The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports today that 62.8 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale electric generating capacity is coming online in 2024 – here’s how it breaks down.

Revealed: The 1,200 Big Methane Leaks from Waste Dumps Trashing the Planet
The Guardian
Analysis of global satellite data from around the world shows the populous nations of south Asia are a hotspot for these super-emitter events, as well as Argentina and Spain, developed countries where proper waste management should prevent leaks.

Postal Service’s New 2030 Sustainability Targets Cover Recycled Content, Packaging Recyclability
Packaging Dive
The U.S. Postal Service announced a new set of goals last week to enhance sustainability in daily operations and across its network. The goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste by fiscal year 2030 include changes to USPS packaging and operations.