Climate Clips: Flood-Prone Communities in Virginia May Lose a Lifeline if Governor Pulls State Out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Aside from capping power plant emissions, the RGGI program sustains a state fund that helps coastal towns cope with recurring storms and rising tides.

See the full story at Inside Climate News.

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DC’s Allergy Season Has Lengthened By 20 Days, Study Shows
The spring allergy season in the nation’s capital has gotten longer and more impactful over time, according to a new study released by Climate Central, a nonprofit group that tracks the effects of climate change.

Updated E-Bikes Are Coming To Some Fairfax County Bikeshare Stations
Electric bicycles with a brand-new look will dock at select Capital Bikeshare stations in Fairfax County this spring. Continuing through April, the rollout includes 45 e-bikes owned by Fairfax County, which will introduce them to five stations in Tysons, Reston and Dunn Loring.

DC Region Scores High On Walkability. How Could It Do Better?
Greater Greater Washington
Greater Washington is the 3rd most walkable in the United States, according to a recent report by Smart Growth America. The Washington region boasts a host of walkable suburbs and town centers, a walkable core, and the high-quality transit to support it all.

‘A Great Day For Nuclear Engineers’ | Gov. Youngkin’s ‘All-American, All-Of-The-Above Energy Plan’ Aims To Create Virginia Nuclear Innovation Hubs
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced that he has signed several bills that aim to further his “All-American, All-of-the-Above Energy Plan.” He said with each signature Virginia moves closer to delivering on his “All-American, All-of-the-Above Energy Plan.”

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Treasury To Release EV Tax Credit Guidance Next Week
E&E News
The Biden administration next week will release highly sought-after guidance that will determine which electric vehicles will be eligible for lucrative tax incentives under the landmark Inflation Reduction Act.

NYC Adopts E-Bike Rules With Focus On Fire Safety And Equity
Canary Media
New York City this week adopted a series of policies intended to make it safer for residents to ride, charge and store their electric bicycles and scooters.

World Is On Brink Of Catastrophic Warming, U.N. Climate Change Report Says
The Washington Post
The world is likely to pass a dangerous temperature threshold within the next 10 years, pushing the planet past the point of catastrophic warming — unless nations drastically transform their economies and immediately transition away from fossil fuels, according to one of the most definitive reports ever published about climate change.

Biden Warns That Climate Change Could Upend Federal Spending Programs
The New York Times
The Biden administration warned on Monday that a warming planet posed severe economic challenges for the United States, which would require the federal government to reassess its spending priorities and how it influenced behavior.

Yes, The Grid Can Handle EV Charging, Even When Demand Spikes
Yale Climate Connections
The bottom line is that the timing of EV charging is flexible. Charging does not have to occur during times of peak electric demand, so the added energy use is much easier to manage.