Climate Clips: How a Virginia company is helping homeowners navigate energy efficiency – and add up the rewards

Pearl Certification, known for its green seal of approval for energy efficient homes, has released a free calculator to help homeowners navigate Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and rebates.

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Blink Charging Establishes New Headquarters, Expands Manufacturing
Clean Technica
In a recent press release, Blink Charging announced that the company is moving forward in two big ways, both at a facility in Bowie, Maryland. On top of an existing 15,000 square foot facility in the city, Blink plans to build a new 30,000 sq. ft. facility nearby, making for a total of 45,000 square feet of headquarters and manufacturing space.

Maryland Lawmakers Remain Uncommitted to Ending Subsidies for Trash Incineration, Prompting Advocate Concern
Inside Climate News
Within a year of moving to Cherry Hill, a majority Black neighborhood on Baltimore’s southern tip, Shanae Thomas noticed her asthma—a health problem she was born with—had gradually worsened.

Virginia Lawmakers Try to Use Budget to Rejoin RGGI – But Success Is Questionable
Inside Climate News
State lawmakers added an amendment to the budget bill demanding the state rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative but draft changes could prompt a veto from Gov. Youngkin.

‘Finally Getting It’: Justice Advocates Applaud Climate Report
Chesapeake Bay Journal
To “fully” combat climate change, policymakers at every level of government cannot ignore longstanding social and economic inequities. That would simply reinforce past injustices.

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Here Comes $20B in Climate Finance
EPA is about to give a handful of nonprofits $20 billion to make green lending accessible to more Americans. But first it had to give unsuccessful applicants a two-week heads-up.

Oil and Gas Companies Emit More Climate-Warming Methane Than EPA Reports
The oil and gas industry may be emitting about three-times the amount of climate-warming methane than government estimates show, according to a new study in Nature.

In New York City, Heat Pumps That Fit in Apartment Windows Promise Big Emissions Cuts
AP News
Heat pumps, a highly efficient technology that has grown in popularity in recent years to rival gas furnaces, have mainly been an option for owners of houses. But new designs are making them practical for apartments, too, which often rely on inefficient centralized steam boilers powered by oil or gas.

With Microplastics, Scientists Are in A Race Against Time
Washington Post
For Dick Vethaak, the “aha” moment came when microplastics were discovered in the air. It was 2015, and the ecotoxicologist and professor emeritus at VU Amsterdam had known that the minuscule pieces of plastic could be found in the ocean and in seafood like fish and mussels. But then researchers found microplastics floating in the air on a rooftop of a Paris university.

The US Treasury Released EV Charger Tax Credit Guidance – Here’s How to Find Out if You Qualify
When the Inflation Reduction Act became law in August 2022, it provided a tax credit for up to 30% of the cost of qualified EV charging “property.” Formally known as the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit, the IRA modified the limitation on the 30C EV charging tax credit so that it no longer applies on a per-site basis and instead now applies per single item of EV charging property – that is, per charger.