Climate Clips: How difficult will it be to make buildings in DC more energy efficient? It depends on the building.

The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018 sets requirements to increase building energy efficiency in the District of Columbia. These energy improvements pose a number of opportunities and challenges, as the District sets its sights on net zero energy buildings.

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We Need Decisive Action on Climate, but the Region’s Draft Transportation Plan isn’t Taking It
Greater Greater Washington
A guest contributor says the region can’t afford to wait to take action on climate, and local officials should demand and adopt a long-range transportation plan with more sustainable strategies for travel.

No, the Washington Metro Region Still Doesn’t Have Great Air Quality
At the national scale, the metropolitan Washington region’s air quality performance is not so great this year.

Virginia DEQ announces new Environmental Justice Office
Virginia Mercury
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has announced the formation of an Environmental Justice Office in an effort to address these issues across the entirety of the agency’s programs.

House-Senate Divisions Killed Climate Bill but it Should Have a Second Life in 2022
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The Climate Solutions Now Act of 2021 became a source of contention in Maryland’s General Assembly. What happened and what it means for climate policy in Maryland next year are discussed here.

National and International News

 With an All-Hands-on-Deck International Summit, Biden Signals the US is Ready to Lead the World on Climate
Inside Climate News
As global leaders participate in President Biden’s Climate Summit, close attention will be paid to fresh commitments focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As Nations Gather for Biden’s Virtual Climate Summit, Ambitious Pledges That Still Fall Short of Paris Goal
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While calls to action on climate and the need for cooperation were emphasized, countries’ pathways to meeting emission reductions remains unclear in wake of President Biden’s Virtual Climate Summit.

Carbon Emissions to Soar in 2021 by Second Highest Rate in History
The Guardian
COVID-19 stimulus money continues to fund fossil fuel industries worldwide. Countries need to act with greater urgency to transition to carbon neutral economies.

Biden’s Only Hope to Cut Emissions in Half? His Infrastructure Plan.
This past week, President Biden announced a new goal to cut US greenhouse gas emissions 50 to 52 percent by 2030. The best hope to achieve this is largely hinged on the President’s $2 trillion infrastructure package.

Biden Administration Kicks Off 100-Day Plan to Shore Up Cybersecurity of Electric Grid
The Hill
The Biden Administration’s plan includes aggressive goals to modernize the US electric grid’s cybersecurity defenses, after criticism for not including cybersecurity initiatives in the President’s infrastructure proposal.