Climate Clips: Is it getting easier to own an electric vehicle in 2023?

Even if the numbers don’t quite show it, regional planner Jeff King knows the shift to electric vehicles is taking off, and quite rapidly.

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Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage At COG Event
COG News Room
Electric vehicle (EV) deployment in the region took center stage at Public Policy Day at the D.C. Auto Show, in an event hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Climate, Energy, and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC).

Arlington County Manager Appoints First Climate Policy Officer
Arlington County
Arlington County is excited to announce the hiring of Carl “Bill” Eger for the position of Climate Policy Officer. Mr. Eger brings sixteen years of senior-level local government energy and climate experience to Arlington County.

Inside Alexandria’s Race to Install New Floodwater Mitigation Projects Before the Next Big Storm
Among the larger flooding infrastructure projects going around the city are a handful of smaller “spot improvements” that could play a big role when the next major storm hits.

Virginia Regulators Propose Easing Emission Limits For Data Centers Over Power Transmission Concerns
Virginia Mercury
With Dominion Energy anticipating possible problems supplying electricity to data centers in parts of Northern Virginia this spring, the state Department of Environmental Quality is proposing to ease certain air emissions rules for facilities in the zone to allow them to get extra power from generators.

National and International News

World’s Biggest Investment Fund Warns Directors To Tackle Climate Crisis or Face Sack
The Guardian
Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s single largest investor, has warned company directors it will vote against their re-election to the board if they do not up their game on tackling the climate crisis, human rights abuses, and boardroom diversity.

Gas Stove Debate Reignites as Energy Department Proposes New Standards
NBC News
The Energy Department put the gas stove debate on the front burner again Wednesday by proposing new efficiency standards for consumer cooking appliances.

Congress’ ‘Biggest Fight’ Over Climate? It’s the Farm Bill
E&E News
Forget electric vehicles, wind turbines, or pipelines. Congress’ most consequential climate battles this year are more likely to revolve around dirt and cows.

Energy Experts Share How the U.S. Can Reach Biden’s Renewable Energy Goals
The Biden administration plans to eliminate fossil fuels as a form of energy generation in the U.S. by 2035. The White House set out a target of 80% renewable energy generation by 2030 and 100% carbon-free electricity five years later.

Zero Energy Ready Homes Are Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
America’s nearly 130 million residential and commercial buildings use 39% of our nation’s energy and 74% of its electricity, accounting for an even greater share of peak energy demand in some parts of the country during our most energy-hungry seasons. For the first time, the federal government has established substantial incentives to help builders make DOE-certified, Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) their standard offering.