Climate Clips: Maryland Embraces Gradual Transition to Zero-Emissions Trucks and Buses

In a significant step toward eliminating toxic air pollution, Maryland lawmakers have approved a measure requiring that, year by year, manufacturers ensure that zero-emissions vehicles make up a growing share of the trucks and buses sold in the state.

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The Saga Continues: Metro Board’s Request Likely To Delay D.C.’s Fare-Free Bus Plan
The Metro Board of Directors is asking the D.C. Council to delay for a year a plan to make Metrobuses free of charge within city limits, dealing a blow to an initiative that was popular with lawmakers but had faced a number of mounting obstacles and objections.

Backup Generator at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Fails, Triggering Special Federal Review
Maryland Matters
A massive backup diesel generator at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant in Southern Maryland was recently out of service for at least a week, triggering an ongoing special inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Dominion Projects New Gas Plants, Advanced Nuclear Will Be Needed to Meet Soaring Demand
Virginia Mercury
Dominion Energy says it will likely need to continue building new fossil fuel and nuclear generation to supply electricity to its Virginia customers over the next 15 years, according to the utility’s most recent long-range plan.

Biden’s Infrastructure Program So Far Has Sent $2.6 Billion to Maryland
Maryland Reporter
President Joe Biden’s infrastructure program so far has funneled $2.6 billion over the last two years to projects in Maryland, according to White House data.

National and International News

Frustrated by Outdated Grids, Consumers Are Lobbying for Control of Their Electricity
Inside Climate News
Climate change is spurring interest in remaking local infrastructure to accommodate renewable energy, minimize power failures and expand consumer choice.

Chart: EVs Could Make Up More Than a Third of Global Car Sales By 2030
Canary Media
By 2030, electric vehicles — including both fully electric and plug-in hybrid models — could make up 35 percent of new vehicle sales globally, according to a forecast included in the International Energy Agency’s annual Global EV Outlook report released last week.

Coming EPA Power Plant Rules Will Put Carbon Capture to the Test, but Better Oversight is Needed, Critics Say
Utility Dive
New public and private funding and expected strong federal power plant emissions reduction standards have accelerated electricity sector investments in carbon capture, utilization, and storage,’ or CCUS, projects but some worry it is good money thrown after bad.

Commerce Department Delays Final Decision on Solar Panel Tariffs Until August as Congress Votes to End Pause
Utility Dive
The U.S. Department of Commerce has pushed to Aug. 17 from May 1 its deadline for a final determination in an investigation into whether solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian countries circumvented tariffs on Chinese-made components.

Is This the Beginning of the End For Gasoline?
Yale Climate Connections
The United States is by far the world’s largest consumer of gasoline. But consumption has fallen compared with pre-pandemic levels, and it’s plausible that the U.S. has passed its peak gasoline use. Explore the interactive graphic below to see how gasoline consumption has changed over time.