Climate Clips: Maryland lawmakers pass some green bills, take a pass on others

Maryland’s 2024 General Assembly session yielded what one activist called “a mixed bag” of legislation dealing with the Chesapeake Bay, climate change, and environmental justice.

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Dominion Energy Launches RFP for Solar and Storage Projects in Virginia
Energy Storage News
Dominion Energy will accept five types of proposals, including new solar PV projects and new PV solar generation co-located with energy storage. It will also look at new onshore wind, onshore wind co-located with energy storage and standalone energy storage.

Fires Have Consumed Nearly 20,000 Acres in Va. This Spring. That Could Be Good for the Environment.
Virginia Mercury
Almost 20,000 acres have been lit by flames that primarily torched the western and central parts of the state so far during Virginia’s 2024 spring fire season. With about a week left until the season ends, that is double the amount of acres affected annually in the state across its 10-year average.

Tree Equity in Maryland: Federal Funds Promote Access to Green Space
Maryland Matters
The Forest Service program will distribute $1.1 billion among 385 projects nationwide, the largest investment to date for urban and community forests. Over $34 million will reach seven non-profits in Maryland.

Dominion Battery Pilot to Provide Hands-On Training at Historically Black University in Virginia
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A standard in the aerospace industry, utilities are interested in metal-hydrogen technology because of its durability and slower discharge times relative to lithium-ion batteries.

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Internet Data Centers are Fueling Drive to Old Power Source: Coal
Washington Post
Massive data centers with computers processing nearly 70 percent of global digital traffic are gobbling up electricity at a rate officials overseeing the power grid say is unsustainable unless two things happen.

2023 Was a Record Year for Wind Power Growth – in Numbers
The global wind industry installed 117 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity in 2023, making it the best year ever for new wind energy – here’s what happened and where.

The Biden Admin Has A Plan to Get More Mileage Out of the Power Grid
Canary Media
The Department of Energy released a new roadmap to help the U.S. adopt tech that can give the grid a much-needed boost in capacity and reliability.

The US Now Has 1 DC Fast Charging Station for Every 15 Gas Stations
Bloomberg Green analyzed federal Alternative Fuels Data Center data and found that nearly 600 DC fast charging stations came online in Q1 2024.

Air Quality Data is Now Widely Available, But What Should Communities Do With It?
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As low-cost air quality sensors become more technologically advanced and readily available, U.S. communities and lawmakers are debating how the data they collect should be used to protect people from air pollution.