Climate Clips: Metro Breaks Ground On Revamped Bladensburg Bus Garage

Metro ceremonially broke ground on its second of three major bus garage redevelopments on Wednesday. The projects aim to modernize and replace facilities that are 61, 87, and 117 years old. It also is preparing WMATA for an all-electric bus fleet by 2045.

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Virginia Lawmakers Mandate Electric Vehicle Fire Risk Training
Culpepper Star Exponent
Virginia firefighters will be required to complete a training program starting next year, about the risk of electric vehicle fires.

State Environmental Regulator Limits Plan to Allow Data Centers to Rely on Diesel Generators
Prince William Times
After hearing objections and complaints from scores of citizens and environmental watchdogs, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has modified a proposed change to state rules that would allow data centers to run their generators as needed when the electric grid is strained.

Bill to Expand State’s Offshore Wind Energy Economy Has Broad Support — But It’s Not a Done Deal
Maryland Matters
A bill that would expand the offshore wind energy industry in Maryland has been co-sponsored by more than half the members of a key House committee — including 13 of the panel’s 17 Democrats — and by the powerful chair of the Senate Committee on Education, Energy and the Environment. It aligns with the environmental and economic development priorities of the state’s new governor. It’s been endorsed by a robust coalition of business leaders, organized labor, environmental groups, and others.

Carbon Offset Pact Will Put Solar on Dozens of Habitat for Humanity Homes
Energy News Network
Renovating a 50-year-old landmark structure in the heart of the nation’s capital is expected to save dozens of low-income Virginia families thousands of dollars on their electric bills.

National and International News

Our winters are warming faster than our summers
Average winter temperatures across the United States have increased by 3.2°F since 1970, according to an analysis from Climate Central, a nonpartisan research and communications group.

Move Over Direct Air Capture. Pulling CO2 From the Ocean Could Be More Efficient
Oceans soak up about a third of all carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere, making them the world’s biggest carbon reservoir. And now, researchers have come up with a way to remove carbon dioxide from the oceans in an effort to reduce the overall levels of the harmful greenhouse gas in our environment.

Biden’s Clean Energy Factory Jobs May Elude U.S. Union Workers
President Joe Biden has pledged that fighting climate change will deliver millions of middle-class jobs with good wages to Americans with union membership cards.

No Avoiding it Now: Immigration Issues Threaten Biden’s Climate Program
“There’s no question that addressing our broken immigration system in America would address many workforce shortages,” Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), a vocal proponent of immigration overhaul, told POLITICO. “There’s employment needed right now. Jobs are available.”

Greenland Temperatures Surge Up to 50 Degrees Above Normal, Setting Records
The Washington Post
Temperatures soared to record levels in Greenland early this week, up to 50 degrees above normal in some places. Researchers say this early warm spell could make its ice sheet more vulnerable to melt events this summer.