Climate Clips: New feature to help EV drivers find charging stations across Virginia

The Virginia Department of Transportation says this new feature has been added to the 511 Virginia site and app as of Wednesday.

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US Review Process Starts for Virginia Offshore Wind Project
Associated Press
The U.S. Interior Secretary announced Thursday the beginning of a federal review process for an offshore wind project that would install 200 wind turbines off Virginia’s coast.

Top Developer Submits Bid for Second Phase of Offshore Wind Project in Maryland
Maryland Matters
The Danish offshore wind developer Ørsted announced Wednesday that it has submitted a bid to generate up to 760 megawatts of power with a proposed second offshore wind project off the coast of Maryland.

Court Partially Remands FERC’s Approval of Changes to PJM Capacity Market Curve
S&P Global Platts
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission acted reasonably in approving a greenfield gas-fired combustion turbine as a reference resource to set the demand curve in future PJM Interconnection capacity market auctions, a federal appeals court ruled July 9.

Researchers Eye Coal Ash as a Possible Source of Critical Minerals — and Southwest Virginia Jobs
The Virginia Mercury
Coal as a source of power generation may be headed toward the dust heap of history, but its ashes are destined to be considerably longer-lived — and, some hope, could become a building block of tomorrow’s electricity and many other crucial products.

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Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Would Cut Emissions and Save 317,000 Lives
The Guardian
A Biden administration plan to force the rapid uptake of renewable energy would swiftly cut planet-heating emissions and save hundreds of thousands of lives from deadly air pollution, a new report has found amid growing pressure on the White House to deliver a major blow against the climate crisis.

More Than 75 Companies ask Congress to Pass Clean Electricity Standard
The Hill
More than 75 major U.S. companies including Apple, Google, Lyft, and Salesforce signed a letter circulated Wednesday urging Congress to adopt a federal clean electricity standard.

Offshore Wind Takes a Big Step Forward, but Remains Short of the Long-Awaited Boom
Inside Climate News
The U.S. offshore wind industry has reached a point where states continue to one-up one another with ambitious goals for development. Officials in seven states (Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia) have awarded contracts for projects that add up to more than 14,000 megawatts. New project announcements keep coming, but the plans announced years ago have been agonizingly slow to materialize.

First of its Kind Study Quantifies How Tree Shade Can Cancel Urban Heat Island Effect
The research suggests that shade from trees and carefully sited buildings could go a long way to mitigate the urban heat island effect, the tendency for cities to be several degrees hotter than surrounding areas due to the heat-absorbing effects of pavement and building materials.