Climate Clips: New legislation dedicates annual funding for the Montgomery County Green Bank

Montgomery County Council passed the Montgomery County Green Buildings Now Act on February 1, 2022, which allocates 10% of the fuel-energy tax revenue each year to the Montgomery County Green Bank.

See the full story at Montgomery County Green Bank.

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Overwhelmed by Solar Projects, the Nation’s Largest Grid Operator Seeks a Two-Year Pause on Approvals
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The nation’s largest electric grid operator, PJM Interconnection, is so clogged with requests from energy developers seeking connections to its regional transmission network in the eastern United States that it is proposing a two-year pause on reviewing more than 1,200 energy projects, most of them solar power.

As Virginia GOP Targets Clean Energy, Advocates Hope Senate Wall Holds
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Virginia Republicans, emboldened by a new conservative governor and state House majority, are hungry to dismantle the state’s recent clean energy progress.

Bill Would Require Review of Climate Implications for All Future County Legislation
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Two Montgomery County Council members plan to introduce a bill requiring all future county legislation to be evaluated for its effect on the climate.

Following Study, TPB Considers Strategies for Reducing On-Road Emissions
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Following the Transportation Planning Board’s (TPB) study, TPB Chair Pamela Sebesky has proposed explicitly adopting greenhouse gas reduction goals for the multi-modal on-road transportation sector in both the Long-Range Transportation Plan and the regional transportation planning process will help guide transportation investment decisions in the coming years.

National and International News

Biden Administration to Give States $1.15 Billion to Plug Orphaned Wells, Which Leak Planet-Warming Methane
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The White House on Monday announced new steps to help curb emissions of methane, saying it will send $1.15 billion to states to clean up thousands of orphaned oil and gas wells that leak the powerful planet-warming gas.

Biden Officials Push to Hold up $11.3 Billion USPS Truck Contract, Citing Climate Damage
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The Biden administration launched a last-minute push Wednesday to derail the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to spend billions of dollars on a new fleet of gasoline-powered delivery trucks, citing the damage the polluting vehicles could inflict on the climate and Americans’ health.

Biden’s Push for American-Made EV Ports Hits Supply Snag
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President Biden’s plan to swiftly deploy a half-million U.S.-made electric-vehicle charging stations across the country could face a major roadblock: supply.

More Electric Buses Join Transit Fleets as Costs and Technology Improve
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A silent revolution is underway on city streets as transit agencies large and small replace noisy, polluting diesel buses with clean, quiet electric vehicles. But agencies and bus manufacturers alike warn that the transition is not as simple as signing a procurement order for new battery-powered buses.

2021 Was a Landmark Year for Energy Efficiency Legislation in US States
Last year was rocky – to say the least. But as the coronavirus pandemic maintained its grasp on American society, the U.S. managed to continue charging on its path of energy efficiency.