Climate Clips: PJM capacity auction results reflect transition to lower-emitting generation mix

The PJM Interconnection LLC on June 21 reported a decrease from the previous auction’s clearing price, largely driven by the 13-state grid operator’s transition to a cleaner energy mix as more expensive coal- and gas-fired generating units with higher marginal fuel costs continue to be retired.

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More DMV News

Under New Law, Some of Virginia’s Government Fleet is Poised to Go Electric
Virginia Mercury
A new state law could jump-start the conversion of much of Virginia’s government vehicle fleet from gas-powered to electric cars by asking state officials to look at a vehicle’s lifetime costs rather than just its sticker price before buying.

DC-Area Building Owner Meridian Makes Commitment to Renewable Energy
Bethesda, Maryland-based Meridian Group, whose portfolio currently includes almost two dozen commercial buildings in the D.C. area, has signed a contract with Constellation to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates for almost all of its properties.

Climate Commission Ponders Task Ahead: Helping to Implement New Law
Maryland Matters
The Maryland Commission on Climate Change discussed The Climate Solutions Now Act and environmental justice Thursday. Commissioners at the virtual meeting scheduled a public presentation to discuss some of the challenges state policymakers will face in implementing the new law.

With Increased Nutrient Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, Environmentalists Hope a New Law Will Cleanup Wastewater Treatment in Maryland
Inside Climate News
The Chesapeake Bay Program reported on Wednesday that Maryland’s wastewater treatment facilities, operating in violation of discharge permits, contributed to significant increases in nitrogen and phosphorus pollution last year in the bay.

National and International News

Solar Developers Pledge $6B for Made-in-America Panels
E&E News
Several large U.S. solar developers have announced a new coalition that will buy up to $6 billion in made-in-America panels, in a move that could more than double the country’s panel-manufacturing capacity.

E-bike Sales and Sharing are Booming. But Can They Help Take Cars off the Road?
Inside Climate News
E-bikes, already taking off during the pandemic, are getting a big boost from states that hope they will reduce driving, energy consumption and emissions.

Biden Administration Creates Federal-State Offshore Wind Development Partnership
S&P Global
The US Department of Energy said on June 23 that it will lead the development of a comprehensive offshore wind supply chain roadmap to help meet the Biden administration’s goal of 30 GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2030 and 100% clean electricity by 2035.

Ukraine War’s Latest Victim? The Fight Against Climate Change
New York Times
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seemed like an unexpected opportunity for environmentalists, who had struggled to focus the world’s attention on the kind of energy independence that renewable resources can offer. With the West trying to wean itself from Russian oil and gas, the argument for solar and wind power seemed stronger than ever.

Clean Energy, Water projects get Boost in Spending Bill
E&E News
House Democrats’ $56.3 billion fiscal 2023 Energy-Water spending bill released last night seeks to bolster a host of Biden administration clean energy and water infrastructure deployment goals that are running into funding limitations this year.