Climate Clips: Rebooted commission could breathe new life into bills challenging Virginia’s largest utility

The process, designed to help lawmakers better understand complex legislation, will take a second look at stalled proposals related to utilities’ political spending and competition for wind and solar projects, among others.

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Prince William County To Boost EV Charging Options Amid Fiscal Concerns
Potomac Local News
In a significant push towards green energy adoption, Prince William County has announced an ambitious expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities, promising to double the number of available charging stations.

Bill To Make Polluters Pay For Climate Damage Runs Into Democratic Skeptics
Maryland Matters
A bill to make fossil fuel companies pay for Maryland’s climate degradation ran into some skepticism Tuesday at its first public hearing of the General Assembly session — from climate-friendly Democrats.

Bills Requiring Identification Of ‘Forever Chemical’ Sources Advancing Through Legislature
Virginia Mercury
Legislation to set up a state process to identify sources of high levels of PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” is moving swiftly through the General Assembly.

Oysters Are Rebounding In Virginia Waters. The Bay Foundation Says It’s Time To Expand Efforts.
Virginia Mercury
While federal and state agencies are on track to meet oyster restoration goals for the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary, a new report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says more must be done to revive the species.

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US Climate Goals: Evs Are On Track, But Clean Power Is Lagging
Canary Media
Clean Investment Monitor finds that EV sales are on target, but permitting and grid barriers are stalling the wind and solar growth needed to meet decarbonization goals.

States Can Quantify The Benefits Of Climate-Friendly Transportation Options With RMI’s Smarter MODES Calculator
RMI’s Smarter Mobility Options for Decarbonization, Equity, and Safety (Smarter MODES) Calculator helps decision makers visualize the pollution reduction, cost cutting, and life-saving potential of expanded transportation choices that enable efficient, convenient, and car-free trips.

Very Cool: Trees Stalling Effects Of Global Heating In Eastern US, Study Finds
The Guardian
Trees provide innumerable benefits to the world, from food to shelter to oxygen, but researchers have now found their dramatic rebound in the eastern US has delivered a further, stunning feat – the curtailing of the soaring temperatures caused by the climate crisis.

Solar + Battery Storage Will Make Up 81% Of New US Electric Generating Capacity In 2024
The EIA expects a record addition of utility-scale solar in 2024 if the scheduled 36.4 GW come online. That would nearly double 2023’s 18.4 GW increase, already a record setter for annual US utility-scale solar installation. Supply chain challenges and trade restrictions are easing, so solar continues – and will continue – to outpace capacity additions from other sources.

EVs Are One Step Closer To Becoming Roaming Grid Batteries
Canary Media
If vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology takes off, it could help millions of EV owners use their spare battery power to earn extra money — and provide what experts say would be a significant boost to an increasingly stressed power grid.