Climate Clips: Region surpasses 2020 climate goal

At its October meeting, area leaders on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors were presented with preliminary results revealing the region has met and surpassed its 2020 climate goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20 percent below 2005 levels.

See the full story at COG Newsroom.

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Governor Hogan Announces Maryland Exceeds Energy Efficiency Targets for State-Owned Facilities Years Ahead of Schedule
Maryland Office of Governor Larry Hogan
Governor Larry Hogan recently announced that the State of Maryland has reached and exceeded its goals for reducing energy use in state-owned facilities years ahead of schedule. As of October 2022, the Maryland state government has surpassed the 10% savings goal and reduced its energy use in state-owned facilities by more than 12% over the 2018 baseline.

Youngkin’s Energy Plan Calls for Reevaluation of Clean Economy Act
Virginia Mercury
In his state energy plan, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is pushing for revisions to the Virginia Clean Economy Act, a 2020 Democratic-driven law that ordered the state’s electric utilities to decarbonize by midcentury, but he faces opposition from clean energy advocates who say the step would move Virginia backward.

Community Solar Projects Slowly Expand in the Chesapeake Region
The Bay Journal
Energized by the recent federal climate bill and the launch of a less-publicized initiative to bring sun-based power to low-income homes, solar energy is positioned for growth in Chesapeake Bay drainage states.

Virginia Republicans Vow to Repeal Clean Cars Law as Interest Grows in EVs
Energy News Network
Virginia Republicans’ threats to slam the brakes on the state’s groundbreaking clean transportation law are continuing despite the growing appeal of electric vehicles among auto dealers and drivers.

National and International News

The Climate Law — and its Billions — Changed Everything
E&E News
Following decades of failed attempts to enact sweeping climate change legislation, Democrats eked out a bill this summer that funnels nearly $370 billion toward climate and renewable energy programs. The huge new cash flow and the fine print of the law behind it are overhauling how climate policy works.

What a Supreme Court Case on Pigs Means for Renewable Energy
E&E News
When the Supreme Court hears oral arguments next week in a case about California’s requirements for housing pigs, an unusual audience will be paying close attention: energy lawyers.

How Neighbors are Banding Together to Get Cheaper Rooftop Solar
Canary Media
Nonprofit Solar United Neighbors helps demystify the buying process and win better deals by bundling customers. It’s also become a force for solar advocacy.

Eliminating Waste is a Climate Solution
In a new report released on Monday, the anti-waste nonprofit Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, or GAIA, says that zero-waste practices like composting and production cuts could cut global waste emissions by 84 percent.

Wind and Solar are Booming, But Emissions Aren’t Falling
E&E News
Wind and solar generation surged 22 percent through the first nine months of the year, building on a period of record-breaking renewable energy installations last year. But the emissions impact of the renewable boom has been blunted by the growth of natural gas generation, which is up 7 percent, and falling output from nuclear facilities.