Climate Clips: Resilience planning — and a few innovative ideas — top state’s first Flood Fund grants

After Democrats assumed control of all three branches of state government in 2020, they saw an opportunity to raise funds for flood preparedness in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a carbon cap-and-trade market involving 10 other New England and Mid-Atlantic states.

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How DC Plans to Address the Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation Infrastructure
Greater Greater Washington
This summer’s extreme weather events have had a harmful impact on transportation infrastructure throughout the US. So what is the District doing to curb the damage climate change causes our transportation infrastructure? Here’s what local agencies have planned so far.

Town of Indian Head Government Commits to 100% Renewable Energy
The Southern Maryland Chronicle
The Town Council of Indian Head has issued a proclamation of commitment to transitioning the town government to renewable energy. The town has established a goal that all municipal government electricity will be acquired from renewable sources by 2030 at the latest. The proclamation also established a definition of renewable energy that excludes trash and biomass incineration and set a step goal of 50% renewable sourcing by 2025.

Dominion Asks for State Approval of Plans to Extend Life of Nuclear Plants Beyond 2050 
Virginia Mercury
Dominion Energy is asking Virginia regulators to approve its plans to extend the federal licenses of its Surry and North Anna nuclear plants, as well as an estimated $3.9 billion in costs to keep the workhorse facilities running past 2050.

BGE Will Be the First Utility in Md. to Use Biogas from Anaerobic Digesters
Maryland Matters
The Maryland Public Service Commission approved BGE’s request in late August to supply biogas or “renewable natural gas” (RNG) to its distribution system through an interconnection pipe.

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Energy Crisis Tests Biden’s Clean Electricity Agenda
E&E News
Rising energy demand spurred by the pandemic recovery has sent natural gas and oil prices skyrocketing, raising fears about inflation and energy availability this winter. It’s also proving at least a temporary boom to fossil fuels, including coal, and is fueling Republican attacks as Biden’s efforts to tackle climate change remain at an impasse in Congress.

FERC Weighs Grid Plan That Could Revolutionize Clean Energy
E&E News
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is weighing an overhaul of a major rule that critics say impedes the transition to a low-carbon grid while raising electricity bills.

White House Targeting Economic Risks From Climate Change
ABC News
The Biden administration is taking steps to address the economic risks from climate change, issuing a 40-page report Friday on government-wide plans to protect the financial, insurance, and housing markets and the savings of American families.

Carbon Emissions ‘Will Drop Just 40% by 2050 With Countries’ Current Pledges’
The Guardian
Current plans to cut global carbon emissions will fall 60% short of their 2050 net-zero target, the International Energy Agency has said, as it urged leaders to use the upcoming Cop26 climate conference to send an “unmistakable signal” with concrete policy plans.

Transmission for Renewables? Here’s a FERC Road Map
E&E News
The process for planning U.S. transmission lines is holding back renewable energy and increasing electricity costs, so Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorities should overhaul their policies to ensure that more low-carbon power comes online affordably, according to a new report.