Climate Clips: Small Footprint Electric Vehicles and Bikes, Big Impact

Members of the City of Falls Church Police Department and Sheriff’s Office are riding in style and preserving the environment, all while on the job.

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Arlington Seeks $1.9 Million Federal Grant To Plant Trees On School Grounds And In Less-Leafy Neighborhoods
The funding will help maintain 4,400 trees, plant 400 additional trees and treat 138 acres of invasive species, a county report said.

Dominion Scrambles To Meet Soaring Power Demand
Fauquier Times
In June 2022, Loudoun County staffers met with Dominion Energy officials to hear their plans to increase power reliability for data centers. Dominion said it was “contemplating system upgrades,” according to a county report. But three weeks later, with no warning to the county, Dominion started telling data centers new power delivery would be severely limited until January 2026 as it temporarily paused hookups for new data centers.

As Temperatures Rise In Va., Researchers Report Sparsely Located Cooling Centers
Virginia Mercury
Although Virginia has traditionally been cooler than the Roll Tide state, the U.S. has set new records for high temperatures this summer. But even as summers get hotter due to climate change, research recently accepted to be published in the journal Southeast Geographer shows government-run cooling centers, which provide an opportunity for the public to beat the heat, are sparsely located throughout the state and mostly centralized in urban areas.

Washington, DC, Sues 3M, Dupont, Others Over ‘Forever Chemicals’
Smart Cities Dive
Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit Monday against more than two dozen chemical manufacturers, including 3M and DuPont de Nemours, claiming they knowingly produced, sold and distributed firefighting foam containing harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

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Solar Panels On Water Canals Seem Like A No-Brainer. So Why Aren’t They Widespread?
AP News
The idea is simple: install solar panels over canals in sunny, water-scarce regions where they reduce evaporation and make electricity.

The World Is Burning From A Record Heat Wave. GOP Presidential Candidates Are Shrugging
The Hill
The nation is baking in a record heat wave that is serving as a reminder of how climate change is rapidly affecting human life — from endangering outdoor workers to raising existential questions about communities at sea level. Yet when it comes to the GOP presidential field, climate change is mostly shrugged off.

A New Job For Electric Vehicles: Powering Homes During Blackouts
The New York Times
Some energy experts say battery-powered vehicles will increasingly help keep the lights on and support electric grids, rather than straining them.

Here’s Why Canadian Wildfires Are Worse This Year
MacSweeney said the fires are worse this year largely due to climate change and issues with forest management. “All the branches and fallen trees and things like that have been sitting there,” said MacSweeney. “This natural fuel is sitting on the ground, and with climate change it’s getting drier and drier, essentially creating a tinderbox situation.”

House Republicans Propose Planting A Trillion Trees As They Move Away From Climate Change Denial
AP News
The idea — simple yet massively ambitious — revealed recent Republican thinking on how to address climate change. The party is no longer denying that global warming exists, yet is searching for a response to sweltering summers, weather disasters and rising sea levels that doesn’t involve abandoning their enthusiastic support for American-produced energy from burning oil, coal and gas.