Climate Clips: The nation’s capital, built on water, struggles to keep from drowning

What excavators unearthed at the site of the African American museum in 2012 was not only the long-forgotten topography of the nation’s capital, but a subterranean geology that, two centuries later, determines the city’s vulnerability to catastrophic flooding as climate change intensifies storms, rainfall and sea-level rise.

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By 2035, All New Cars In D.C. Have To Be Zero-Emission
By the year 2035, every new car, SUV, or pickup registered in the D.C. region — including the District, Maryland, and Virginia — will have to be a clean, zero-emission vehicle.

Maryland Advances in Climate Goals With Comprehensive Electrification Study
Southern Maryland Chronicle
Maryland takes a significant step forward in its climate strategy by completing an electrification study by the Maryland Public Service Commission. The study, directed by the Climate Solutions Now Act (CSNA) passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 2022, evaluates the capability of the state’s gas and electric utilities to transition to an electrified building sector.

Environmental Justice Advocates in Virginia Fear Recent Legal Gains Could Be Thwarted by Politics in Richmond
Inside Climate News
Despite Democratic control of the Virginia General Assembly after the November election, environmental justice advocates in the state say progress in 2024 will be difficult under the Republican administration of Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

New Report Says Virginia Could Incentivize Methane Capture From Coal Mines
Virginia Mercury
A new report says Virginia could create financial incentives for coal mines to capture and use methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, as a way to reduce emissions, but environmental groups are wary about further incentivizing coal mining.

National and International News

Why Decades of Progress in Cars’ Fuel Efficiency is Ending
Washington Post
In the U.S., gas-powered cars have stopped making big efficiency gains. Some automakers’ offerings have gotten less efficient as they swap out sedans for SUVs.

DOE Allocates $40M For Energy Audit Training
Utility Dive
The U.S. Department of Energy is providing up to $40 million in grants to states to grow and upskill the workforce that will conduct energy efficiency audits on commercial and residential buildings, it said in a Dec. 20 news release.

LG Chem is Building a $3B EV Battery Cathode Factory – the Largest in the US
LG Chem is building a $3 billion battery cathode factory for electric vehicles in Tennessee. The groundbreaking ceremony took place last week.

US Electric Car Tax Credit Just Got Simpler, But Fewer Cars Qualify
Clean Technica
It’s 2024, and that means the electric car tax credit in the US just got a whole lot simpler. Previously, buyers had to wait until they filed their taxes before they could take advantage of the credit. Now, it is more of a rebate that gets applied right at the dealership. The burden will fall on shoppers to educate many dealers in order to get the full amount of the credit they are due.

How the Dire Health Implications of Climate Change Are Unfolding Globally
Inside Climate News
Last month, COP28 in Dubai became the first climate summit to observe Health Day. One hundred twenty-four countries endorsed the Declaration on Climate and Health, sounding the alarm on the severe public health and wellness implications of the climate crisis.