Climate Clips: Virginia advocates make community solar a priority ahead of 2022 session

Dominion Energy customers are on the verge of being able to buy solar energy via subscriptions to shared, local solar projects instead of having to install panels on their own rooftops.

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4-MW Community Portion of Maryland Landfill Solar Project Dedicated to LMI Subscribers
Solar Power World
The nation’s largest community solar farm to be 100% dedicated to low and moderate-income (LMI) residents is coming to Montgomery County, Maryland. Through the subscription program, Montgomery County residents who are served by Pepco and who qualify as LMI are eligible to receive 25% savings on their electricity costs every month.

Chesapeake Warming Faster Than Ocean Surface, Study Shows
The Bay Journal
The Chesapeake Bay summer water temperatures are increasing by nearly a half-degree Fahrenheit per decade and rising nearly twice as fast as global surface ocean water temperatures, according to a recent study.

Has Virginia’s Energy Transition Hit a Roadblock or Just a Rough Patch of Pavement?
Virginia Mercury
After two years of historic progress that included passage of the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), the centerpiece of the Commonwealth’s plan to decarbonize the electric sector by 2050, voters handed a narrow victory to its critics.

Virginia Campaign Wants you to Watch This Video Before Putting a Space Heater — or Pancake Griddle — at Your Desk
Energy News Network
The Virginia Beach energy management administrator is the mastermind behind a trio of clever, humor-laden — and now, award-winning — public service announcements designed to spur her fellow workers in the state’s largest city to watch their watt consumption.

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S&P Projects Record Installation of 71 GW of US Wind and Solar in 2022 Amid Rising Headwinds
Utility Dive
Next year’s solar installations will double the record capacity installed in 2021. The U.S. is currently on track to install 27 GW of new wind generation and 44 GW of solar in 2022.

Congress Poised to Dramatically Alter Clean Energy Subsidies
E&E News
The tax credits that underwrote America’s renewable energy revolution are set for a makeover as part of the $1.75 trillion reconciliation bill. The proposal would dramatically revamp the subsidies available to wind and solar projects.

Here’s How the Federal Infrastructure Package Could Improve Transit
Greater Greater Washington
Transit advocates were pleased that the $1 trillion infrastructure package allocated $39 billion for mass modes, though they worried that historic investment would be dwarfed by the equally-historic $110 billion for highways. Still, advocates are taking solace in a handful of provisions that will at least make the buses and trains America will get more accessible, equitable and green.

Federal EV Funds Challenge Biden Environmental Justice Plan
E&E News
A $7.5 billion national charging network funded by the infrastructure law signed by President Biden this week should be built with a focus on helping traditionally underserved communities, according to a document signed by many of the nation’s most influential energy groups.

Inside Clean Energy: For Offshore Wind Energy, Bigger is Much Cheaper
Inside Climate News
The race to build bigger turbines has a practical purpose. As turbines get taller and increase their generating capacity, they become more efficient and their electricity becomes cheaper for consumers.