Climate Clips: Virginia begins crafting new plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Virginia is beginning to create plans for how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the primary driver of climate change, on a state and regional basis thanks to millions of dollars from the federal government.

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For many looking to include energy efficiency in their homes, a loan program by the Maryland Clean Energy Center could mean a cheaper future for electricity in the state.

Report: Fossil Fuel Equipment In Md. Buildings Causes More Smog Than Power Plants
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As Maryland policymakers look to fulfill the state’s many mandated climate goals, a new report suggests that the fossil fuel appliances and other heavy equipment used to power homes and businesses are contributing far more to poor air quality than all of the state’s power plants combined.

What’s At Stake If RGGI Disappears in Virginia?
The Bay Journal
RGGI is helping make sure the benefits of energy efficiency and lower emissions are reaching those most in need. Virginia’s participation in this program is set to end when the contract lapses at the end of this year.

Dominion Energy Proposes New Solar Projects In Virginia
Dominion Energy (D.N) plans to boost solar power generation in Virginia to 4,600 megawatts (MW) as it looks to take advantage of federal incentives for clean energy.

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Droughts limiting hydro-electric generation globally prevented a fall in the energy sector’s overall carbon emissions in the first half of 2023 despite the growth of wind and solar power, climate think tank Ember said in a report on Thursday.

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What the World Would Look Like Without Fossil Fuels
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Most everyone agrees that a sudden, abrupt halt in fossil fuel production would be catastrophic. As the world transitions to clean energy, the build-out of renewables should be balanced with the phase-down of fossil fuels.

US Finalizes Plans To Phase Out Single-Use Plastic On Public Lands
The agency that oversees one-fifth of U.S. lands said on Thursday that it had finalized plans to phase out single-use plastics in public spaces like national parks and wildlife refuges within the next decade.