Climate Clips: Virginia Explained: How can you save on residential solar?

With a price tag similar to that of a used car, Virginia homeowners looking to make a financial investment in solar panels are confronted with navigating a tangle of tax exemptions, credits, rights and utility company programs.

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The Northeast is Poised to Become a ‘Hydrogen Hub’
The bipartisan infrastructure law that Congress passed in 2021 gave $8 billion to the Department of Energy to support the development of at least four regional “hubs” for clean hydrogen. And while DOE has yet to begin soliciting proposals, or even to define what a “hub” is, governments and businesses all over the U.S. are already coming together to vie for the funding.

SCC Approves Latest Version of Appalachian Power’s Renewable Energy Plan
The Roanoke Times
State regulators have approved Appalachian Power Co.’s latest plan to tap more power from the sun and wind in an effort to generate all carbon-free electricity for the utility’s Virginia customers by 2050.

This New Boring Machine Will Help Keep 120 Million Gallons Of Sewage Out Of The Potomac
Alexandria’s new tunnel boring machine, christened Hazel, is a high-tech solution to a problem that has bedeviled Alexandria for a century: old, antiquated sewers that overflow and dump sewage into the Potomac River roughly 60 times a year.

Your Electric Bills are Skyrocketing. Blame Our Failure to Invest in Renewable Energy.
Virginia Mercury
Fossil fuel prices are higher everywhere, and the effect is hitting electric bills as well as prices at the gas pump.

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Climate Advocates Hoping Biden Would Declare a Climate Emergency Are Disappointed by the Small Steps He Announced on Wednesday
Inside Climate News
Against the backdrop of a hemispheric heat wave, the president used executive authority to help the vulnerable endure broiling temperatures, but did little to address the changing climate driving them.

Supreme Court Muzzles EPA on Climate
Environmental lawyers say the Supreme Court sent a clear message in its landmark ruling in West Virginia v. EPA: If a federal agency wants to craft robust climate regulations, it better not crow about them.

Can EPA Cut CO2 From Gas Plants in Regulatory ‘New World’?
Last month’s Supreme Court decision left EPA with a conundrum: how to meaningfully cut carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s fleet of natural gas power plants without risking another reversal in court.

Nearly 90% of American Homes are Now Using AC
Americans have been cranking up the AC as heatwaves become more frequent. Nearly 90% of American homes are using some form of air conditioning, according to recently released data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Manchin Says Climate Bill Risks Inflation. But Does It?
E&E News
When Sen. Joe Manchin walked away last week from negotiations over the energy and climate spending package, he blamed inflation. But many economists say the kinds of policies Democrats are pursuing would actually relieve pressure on consumers, not add to their burden.