Climate Clips: Washington, D.C., releases zero waste plan to increase landfill diversion

The Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works (DPW) has released Zero Waste DC, a plan for the district to divert 80 percent of solid waste away from landfills and incineration.

See the full story on Waste Today.

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[Fairfax] County Should Prioritize EV Charging and Employee Compensation, Environmental Council Says
To further its environmental goals, Fairfax County’s to-do list should include building an electric vehicle charging network, addressing “critical” staff shortages, and addressing development pressure, the Environmental Quality Advisory Council (EQAC) says in a new report.

Bill to Limit Local Restrictions on Solar Projects in Virginia Paused for More Study
Virginia Mercury
Legislation that would have limited Virginia localities’ ability to restrict the development of solar projects is dead for the year after a House subcommittee voted Tuesday to carry the proposal over to 2025.

Legislative Notes: House Approves Juvenile Justice Bill After Fiery Debate, Aid-in-Dying Stalled, Electricity Bill Advances
Maryland Matters
The Maryland Senate is moving closer to updating the state’s quarter-century-old rules governing the competitive marketplace for retail electricity.

Bill to Help Build Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Rural Areas Moves Along
Virginia Mercury
A bill that would create a state fund to help pay for building public electric vehicle charging stations in rural areas is trucking along after a near death in a Senate finance subcommittee Thursday afternoon.

National and International News

Gas-Powered Cars Are Losing Market Share to EVs and Hybrids
Canary Media
It’s been a messy few months for the U.S. electric vehicle market, but take a step back and the trend is crystal clear: Conventional gas-burning vehicles are on their way out.

Inside the E.P.A. Decision to Narrow Two Big Climate Rules
New York Times
President Biden’s climate ambitions are colliding with political and legal realities, forcing his administration to recalibrate two of its main tools to cut the emissions that are heating the planet. Michael Regan, the E.P.A. administrator, said the Biden administration would meet its climate goals despite tweaking regulations on automobiles and power plants.

The Biden Administration is Spending Its ‘Climate Smart’ Funding in the Wrong Places, According to New Analyses
Inside Climate News
The Biden administration set out to make American farmers and farming methods central in its plans to address the climate crisis, but is instead spending billions of dollars on agricultural practices that have questionable benefits and, in some cases, may contribute to more greenhouse gas emissions.

Cheap, Clean Energy Could Unleash the Power of Thermal Storage
Canary Media
A growing crop of startups plans to use heat and rocks to tackle some of the hardest decarbonization problems, from chemical production to long-term grid storage.

How to ‘Decouple’ Emissions from Economic Growth? These Economists Say You Can’t.
For nearly 200 years, two transformative global forces have grown in tandem: economic activity and carbon emissions. The two have long been paired together, or, in economist-speak, “coupled.” When the economy has gotten bigger, so has our climate footprint.