Climate Clips: Washington set to be 2nd East Coast city with gas ban

Washington, D.C., is expected to become the second East Coast city to ban fossil fuel boilers and water heaters in most new buildings, following the unanimous approval of two bills by the City Council this week that are supported by the mayor.

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Mid-Atlantic Shared Solar Advocates See Progress in D.C. But Setback in Virginia
Energy News Network
A week after District of Columbia regulators moved to hold utility Pepco accountable for community solar problems, their counterparts in Virginia greenlit a $55 monthly fee on subscribers that may curb interest.

Montgomery County Council Votes to Require Climate Impact Assessment for Proposed Legislation
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The Montgomery County Council voted unanimously Tuesday to require that proposed bills be reviewed for their climate impact.

In Auto-Centric Montgomery, Planners Suggest Ways to Make Walking Safer
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Montgomery County and other suburbs were designed for driving. As traffic worsens, planners are working to make walking safer and less stressful.

Hogan Awards $18.8 Million for Chesapeake Bay Restoration Project
ABC News 7
Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced the award of $18.8 million to 22 ecological restoration projects, that will build local resilience for climate impacts in the Chesapeake Bay.

National and International News

US Emissions Cost the World $1.9 Trillion in Economic Damages
The United States has caused more damage to global economies than any other nation by burning fossil fuels, causing $1.9 trillion in lost gross domestic product between 1990 and 2014, according to a new study released Tuesday by Dartmouth College.

EPA Faces Legal Dead Ends After SCOTUS Climate Decision
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Regulators at EPA will have to draft fresh carbon rules for power plants without knowing if they’ll survive the legal uncertainty created by the Supreme Court’s climate decision last month.

Some EVs Now Pay for Themselves in a Year
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Though you’ll pay more for them at the outset, electric vehicles are now a better deal than cars that run on gasoline, due to much lower fuel and maintenance costs and a $7,500 tax credit.

Coal, Solar and EVs: A Pitfall for Electric Utilities?
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For many companies, the ongoing shift to clean energy presents a massive financial opportunity. But for U.S. electric utilities, the transition may upend a longstanding business model.

High Energy Prices, Ukraine War and Rising Demand Response Potential Spur Energy Efficiency Efforts
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Energy efficiency, the cleanest, lowest cost, and most overlooked resource in the climate fight, is now part of the world’s pushback against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the International Energy Agency.