Climate Clips: What we know and don’t know about pollution from the Key Bridge collapse

Less than a week after a container ship rammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge — causing the Baltimore bridge to collapse and topple partly onto the ship — officials are still working to identify and contain environmental pollutants that may be leaking into the Patapsco River.

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Coming Soon: Signs Warning Consumers About Invasive Plants
Virginia Mercury
Legislation to educate consumers on invasive plant species passed in the General Assembly, but not without debate over where signage would be placed.

Virginia Seeks Millions Of Dollars In Federal Funds Aimed At Reducing Pollution And Electrifying Transportation And Buildings
Inside Climate News
Community planners in Virginia say $4.6 billion in Inflation Reduction Act funds could be used to switch to electric vehicles, power homes with renewable energy and invest in public transit.

EPA Announces Historic Funding For Chesapeake Bay Restoration Programs
Maryland Reporter
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday that $206 million in funding will be allocated toward projects aimed at continuing the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. The historic levels of funding reflect the Biden administration’s increased investments in environmental programs and infrastructure projects.

Advocates Call On Moore, Ferguson And Jones To Support An End To Incineration Subsidy
Baltimore Brew
There’s broad support for ditching Maryland’s “renewable energy” subsidy for trash-burning incinerators like Baltimore’s Wheelabrator, but legislative leaders aren’t bringing the bill to a vote.

National and International News

Electric Trucks Get A Boost From Biden, Worrying Trucking Industry
Washington Post
The EPA rule follows strict emissions limits for gas-powered cars aimed at accelerating the nation’s halting transition to electric vehicles. It marks the first time in more than two decades that the federal government has cracked down on pollution from diesel trucks.

Homes Need To Electrify. New Building Codes Will Make That Harder
Canary Media
A nonprofit group that sets U.S. building codes has nixed rules to make new homes ready for EVs and heat pumps. Climate advocates blame fossil gas lobbyists.

The US Federal Gov’t Attempts To Tackle Cement & Concrete Decarbonization
Cement and concrete decarbonization are elements of $6 billion in grants that the US Department of Energy announced this week. In total, 33 projects across more than 20 states will help accelerate the commercial scale demonstration of emerging industrial decarbonization technologies.

US Renewables’ Installed Generating Capacity Beats Coal
Solar capacity additions hit the ground running in 2024, pushing renewables’ installed generating capacity past coal, according to new US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) data.

New DOE-Backed Projects Tackle Factory Emissions With Heat Pumps And More
Canary Media
The Biden admin is directing $500M toward factories that will use heat pumps, electric boilers and thermal energy storage to provide clean industrial heat.