Climate Clips: Who’s ahead in the race for offshore wind jobs in the US?

Virginia’s offshore wind announcement this week follows big steps by New Jersey, New York and others. Siemens Gamesa said it will hire up to 310 jobs in Portsmouth and the surrounding region.

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Staying the Course on Clean Energy in Virginia
Richmond-Times Dispatch
Over the past four years, the General Assembly and governor have set Virginia on a course toward a 100% clean electric grid through the Virginia Clean Economy Act, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and related measures. Staying the course will produce more tangible benefits for Virginia, from more family-sustaining jobs and greater investment to lower electric bills and cleaner air.

How We Can Advance Climate Resilience and Justice in Richmond, Virginia
Greater Greater Washington
Here in Richmond, we see climate change inequity play out most dramatically in the urban heat island map that was generated with community science observations of air temperature during a heatwave in July 2017.

Referendum Could be a Bellwether of Coastal Dwellers’ Willingness to Pay for Flood Protection
Virginia Mercury
Politicos have long looked to Virginia’s off-year gubernatorial races as a bellwether of national political attitudes. But this year’s election may also indicate whether coastal Americans will pay for flood protection as climate change continues to fuel sea level rise.

Why the Woonerf? Demystifying the Popularity of the Curbless Street Amenity
Urban Turf
Woonerf is a Dutch term that translates to “living street”, and the concept was so-named in the early 1960s as planners began formally implementing “woonerf zones” in Europe. Locally, JBG Smith recently delivered two and more are planned.

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Biden Heads for Glasgow Climate Talks with High Ambitions, but Minus the Full Slate of Climate Policies He’d Hoped
Inside Climate News
When President Joe Biden arrives in Glasgow on Monday for the annual United Nations talks on climate change, he will bring a big U.S. pledge, nearly half of his Cabinet and a handful of deals with other countries that have been hammered out over weeks of hectic diplomacy.

Dems Regroup With $555B Climate Spending Hanging in Balance
E&E News
Democrats will try to regroup this week after face-planting last week in their attempt to land $2.75 trillion in domestic spending across infrastructure, social spending, and climate policy.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Bid to Curb Federal Power to Limit Carbon Emissions
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a bid by states, including coal producer West Virginia, and industry groups to limit federal power to use the landmark Clean Air Act to regulate carbon emissions from power plants.

Diesel Emissions in Major US Cities Disproportionately Harm Communities of Color, New Studies Confirm
Inside Climate News
Studies have long pointed to air pollution in the United States disproportionately harming poor and minority communities. But a pair of recent studies that examined tailpipe pollution in major urban hubs suggest policymakers could craft regulations more effectively to reduce air pollution disparities by targeting emissions from diesel vehicles.

Big Oil’s Top Executives Strike a Common Theme in Testimony on Capitol Hill: It Never Happened
Inside Climate News
In testimony before Congress Thursday, top executives from some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies insisted that their firms had never misled the public about the science or severity of climate change.