Resources for Residents

Resource for Residents: Avanza EV

With an electric vehicle (EV), you can help eliminate pollution. Furthermore, the price is now more affordable, and both the US government and the state of Maryland offer a “clean vehicle tax credit” to car buyers who purchase a new or previously owned electric vehicle.... Read More

Resource for Residents: Electrify Montgomery County

Electrify MC is a pilot project created to help residents transition from fossil fuels (oil, gas, and propane) in their homes. Electrify MC will provide residents with a one-stop option to help them electrify their homes. Elysian Energy, the competitively chosen contractor, will provide outreach... Read More

Resource for Residents: Greening the Holidays!

Did you know? The amount of household waste in the U.S. increases an average of 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day (EPA). Everyone can “Green” their holidays and help reduce the amount of waste generated during this time by thinking outside the box. Learn more... Read More